First Things First

Let me be up front about this: the main reason for this website is to get my stories out there in front of you, the reader. I hope it'll be a good experience for all of us.

So if you're looking for news, stock reports, cool videos, hot dates or the weather, you might as well surf on to another site.


On the other hand, if you dare, click on "Writings" -- and enjoy!

About the writer

The writing bug didn't bite me until about seven years ago. Oh sure, I'd done some creative writing in college and puttered around a little since then. But it was only when I tried to take the stories I'd been telling my daughter and put them on paper that I realized what an incredible thing writing fiction is.


Now, I'm hooked and you people out there who like to read are the only one's who can help me support my habit.

This site is under construction, so please bear with me.